The Agility story

We’ve been helping utility businesses to succeed with our innovative technology and exceptional solutions since 1998.

Our beginnings

In the 1990s New Zealand became one of the first markets in the world to promote a more deregulated, competitive energy retail sector. Agility CIS was born out of this opportunity, starting its story in Auckland.

As market deregulation followed in key Australian states we expanded our offering. Our strong technology platform and commitment to outstanding client service helped us to become a leading supplier in the Australian market.

A global footprint

Agility CIS International Offices

Today, we have more than 250 employees around the world. Auckland remains our home, hosting our HQ and our primary R&D centre. We also have substantial offices in Australia (Melbourne and Brisbane), the USA (Atlanta and Houston), the Middle East (Dubai), a growing presence in Japan (Tokyo), and a developer-focused delivery team based in India (Hyderabad).

Accelerating our technology offer. Growing our ambitions.

In late 2019 the company founders passed ownership to an investment partnership of two private equity firms: SilverTree Equity and Pioneer Capital. Together we have adopted an ambitious global growth strategy for Agility. This is focused on enhancing client solutions and service offerings and accelerating sustainable, long-term international business growth.

In June 2020 we strengthened our company’s offer with the acquisition of Znalytics, a US-based Cloud-native energy solutions company. This has bolstered our product range, delivery capability, and our global footprint.

Our history

1998 – Founded in Auckland, New Zealand

2002 – Entered into the Australian market

2009 – Entered into the United States market

2013 – Entered into the Middle East market

2015 – Launched Cloud-based solution suite

2016 – Launched Managed Services offering

2019 – New private equity ownership

2020 – Acquired Znalytics to drive US and Japanese expansion

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