Scalable SaaS solutions

Orion is a highly powerful SaaS billing and CRM solution for utilities. Its modern, advanced architecture enables accelerated speed-to-market, and can support your growth today and tomorrow.

Save Energy

Proven in managing millions of customers

Orion employs horizontal resource scaling to enable consistent throughput with varying workloads and volumes.


Bill innovative product offerings

Orion supports electricity, gas, solar PV, partnerships and affinity models, incentives, subscriptions and discounts.

Clean Energy Growth

Scale across new territories

Our solutions are fully compliant within Australia’s National Energy Market and gas markets, New Zealand, North America, the Middle East and Japan.


Operate across B2B & B2C markets

With Orion you can seamlessly manage residential, SME and C&I energy customer billing and management.


Acquire & grow

Manage multiple energy retail brands, multiple connected market participants and automate the onboarding of newly acquired customer books.


Flexible configurations

Design your processes around your business with our flexible configurations. They give you control over your processes and automation.

Advanced technology architecture

Constant evolution

Automated testing, agile development practices and a relentless approach to product innovation deliver faster releases for our clients.

Modular architecture

Our modular solution architecture enables third party integrations with minimal customisation or configuration and interoperability with cloud native, modern features such as blob storage, horizontally scaling functions and elastic resource pools.

Cast-iron security

With 24/7 monitoring of your hosting environment and constant updates, you’ll always operate at the forefront of IT security.

Flexible, seamless integrations

Our platforms are highly flexible, capable of integrating with IT solutions across every aspect of your business. This is achieved via an API layer which uses loosely coupled REST APIs to offer seamless, event driven integrations with 3rd party solutions.

We have deep experience implementing seamless integrations with leading third-party software products, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle, SAP and a range of other suppliers.


Quick configuration and customisation through built-in application level and web service level security

Solutions delivered pre-bundled with required critical integrations for compliant and effective operations (e.g. AEMO in Australia)

Range of integration methods available, including REST and SOAP methods using either JSON or XML

A user-friendly dashboard lets you monitor performance, review technical documentation, provide third-party access and retrieve historic transactions.