Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management


Customer relationship management is the core of the Engage solution.

Customer information is captured and displayed allowing instant intuitive access to all billing, pricing, call centre and back office functions.

From agent or customer sign up using EngageCSS to termination, Engage captures all information about the customer, the site they’re moving into or switching to.  All required information is fully configurable for each Engage installation.

Real-time agent prompts guarantees customer interaction goes exactly how you want it.

EngageCRM action scripting enables you to create, edit and update providing step by step guidance in any situation ensuring your company standards are followed.

All utilities want the same thing. Customers to be able to self service and when they do call, for that call to be dealt with accurately and efficiently.

By simply opening your web browser, your customer data is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s is designed for use in call centre environments, branch offices and by third party vendors.

EngageCRM users can manage customer interactions:

Anywhere where there is an internet connection
Asynchronous data access with one-click deployment
Simple and easy to use interface


Customer Self Service

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Customer Segmentation

Action Scripting

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