Infrastructure and System Process

Infrastructure and System Process



Using EngageX out-of-the-box library web services, you can easily bring together external process-driven applications that interact with your critical customer data, such as CRM, IVR or portals, so you can stay dedicated to growing your business.

It all works together effortlessly so your business runs smoothly.





EngageX needs to be installed an independent web server or the Engage application server.

We recommend:

  • If access to EngageX is provided to external third parties, it is installed on its own server for security reasons
  • If access to EngageX is not provided to external third parties, it can be installed on the Engage application server

System Process

EngageX is installed as an IIS site on a specific port. Third party applications with access to EngageX then have the ability to consume its web services.

Each web service performs a specific function within Engage and provided with a success or error response code and message.


Each third party application is given a unique 'AppCode' and 'AppKey' and used to verify access each time a web service is consumed. When consumed, the web service will:

  • Perform required Engage updates
  • Return the required results
  • Log details of the transaction

It is the responsibility of the third party application to consume each web service as per these specifications