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Electricity billing accounts for more than half of all our customers. We have experience supporting all kinds of billing services in both the public and deregulated utilities.

At Agility CIS, we have been working closely with electricity utilities in multiple countries for over a decade. We understand the technical, legal and regulatory challenges that utilities face on a daily basis, and we are committed to making it easy for our customers to clear these hurdles every single day.

Smart meters generate vast reams of data, which need to be stored and analyzed before it can be billed. Each public utility has its own unique challenges of geography and economics, and every one has its own business model. This is the sort of dynamic environment where Engage thrives.

Our low-footprint, highly-configurable design allows it to integrate into any established or new utility, without restructuring the whole business around the billing software. Agility CIS uses a flexible customer-focused development process allowing us to support changing requirements as the market develops.

The secure industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server platform lets our customers know that they are benefiting from the best technology available.

As with all our products, water and other services/fees can be billed alongside other services on a single unified invoice.



Engage supports all the functions required for municipal water billing.

We offer a complete solution to public and private water utilities.

At its simplest (in a multi-tenant or sub-metered billing situation, for instance), water billing is very simple indeed: you just read the meter and calculate the charges. Perhaps adding a fee for waste water or storm water discharge.

However, for dedicated water utilities managing supply to many residential and industrial sites over a wide area, the story is much more complicated. Every node in the network is connected to many others, in complex ways; delivery of a high flow at one point may mean that nearby nodes get reduced usage for a time. All this needs to be planned, customers kept fully informed, and invoices at the end of the period reflect not just the volume of water used, but the demands a customer has placed on the network.

The Engage solution tracks water transactions throughout a billing period, both from metered and unmetered consumption, and converts these to financial transactions at invoice time. As a public agency, the Engage solution allows you to add other services to be billed alongside the water service on a single unified invoice.





Gas was one of the first products to be billed with Agility CIS systems. Our systems support both public and deregulated utilities.

At Agility CIS we have more than ten years' experience supporting gas utilities and suppliers. As a municipal gas utility, your customers will have everything they need to know about their supply and consumption.

Municipal utilities prefer to send a single invoice for gas and other charges, and some regulators now require that metered gas consumption be converted into kWh for invoicing so customers can compare costs more easily. This is more easily said than done: the conversion requires not just the volume of gas metered but also its pressure, temperature and calorific value, all of which will change over time. The Engage™ solution by AgilityCIS allows complex calculations like this to happen automatically.

The Engage™ solution allows you to invoice multiple services even across different sites, if necessary, on a single invoice giving the customer easy transparency of all their energy consumption and other fees and taxes.

If required, energy values and carbon emissions can be tracked from invoice to invoice and from year to year to aid in conservation efforts.




Our systems support flexible pricing and billing models for telecommunications users, both for voice and data services.

Our systems interface includes a set of easy-to-manage maintenance tables allowing you to create your own price schemes and deals just by typing numbers in boxes.

As well as basic telecommunication, our systems successfully bill mobile services and data (internet) service. The highly flexible pricing model lets you decide how to market your service, what customers to target, and how to provide the services to best meet their needs.