Agility CIS & IntegraPay launch payment suite integration

Fully automate your payment processing with Agility CIS and IntegraPay’s secure, full payment suite integration.

For many energy retailers the collection and processing of customer payments can be extremely time consuming. With some manual elements it can also leave energy retailers open to financial or reputational risk.

Individual integrations with payment gateways are a fix, but this can be hugely costly and fragmented with bespoke solutions needed for each. This is especially the case for new entrants and those in the off-market space. This is why Agility CIS, the largest utility billing provider in Australia, and IntegraPay, one of Australia’s largest digital payment specialists, are excited to launch an omnichannel payment integration.

Working together, Agility CIS and IntegraPay have tailored this solution around key factors connected to utility payments. The integration includes secure and seamless collection of one-off and recurring Direct Debit payments through Card and Bank. To support those consumers who still prefer to pay upon bill receipt we have also developed BPay and IVR (automated phone payments) functionality as part of the payment embedded solution, increasing opportunities for your business to get paid on time.

IntegaPay Integrations


  • This accelerates payment processing, leveraging automation to reduce operational demands and drive down cost to serve.
  • As an ‘off-the-shelf’ integration it can be implemented rapidly, and further augments Agility’s powerful software platform. For embedded network clients it will be included as a core part of the service offer.
  • Clients will also benefit from significantly discounted pricing for IntegraPay’s services. With an extensive client network in Australia, Agility can achieve huge economies of scale savings.

IntegraPay have been creating tailored payment solutions using new payment technology for over 10 years. By integrating directly with Orion energy retailers will be able to provide their customers with a totally seamless experience and streamline their processes.

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