Agility CIS join Australian Energy Week line-up

Join us at Australian Energy Week in Melbourne this May – the industry’s most comprehensive annual energy event. We’re sharing our expert insights as part of two sessions in the Future Retail stream. 

Australian Energy Week (AEW) is nearly here and we’re proud to have joined the line-up of expert speakers. This leading conference, taking place in Melbourne from 24 – 27 May, provides a platform for Australia’s energy leaders to come together in-person and explore the most pressing issues facing the industry.

AEW is the annual meeting place for stakeholders of all levels from the entire energy value chain, from CEOs to analysts, energy traders to engineers, and everyone in between.

Future Retail stream

Our team of industry experts are joining the Future Retail stream at this year’s Australian Energy Week. They’ll be sharing their insights on the latest trends in operations, software, and the retail energy customer.

Australian Energy Week event poster

Elldre Keyser, VP – Managed Services, will be leading a session on how to streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction. He’ll be looking at what’s new in the world of energy CX, sharing insights from our community of Australian clients. This session will take a deep dive into:

  • Evolving trends in retail energy operations
  • Enhancing the experience of the digital energy customer
  • Harnessing data to drive your efficiency & customer satisfaction
  • Reducing the compliance burden on your business

You can join Elldre at 9.35 on 26 May.


Brett O’Donnell, VP – Customer Acquisition Solutions, will be taking part in the panel: ‘Disruptors – how entrants are looking to capture retail market share’. Featuring some of Australia’s most innovative energy companies, this session will explore:

  • How to appeal to the increasing sophisticated demands of consumers
  • Game changing shifts in the way energy is sold
  • Whether regulation is strangling innovation in the energy sector?
  • If your customers are with you because they are loyal or lazy?

This panel will also include speakers from ReAmped Energy, DC Power Co, and Amber Electric.

You can join Brett at 15.55 on 26 May.