White Paper: a guide to Australian retail energy operations for start-ups

Entering the Australian retail energy market is a risky, complex and costly affair. It’s defined by high churn, low margins and the pace of change is relentless. The compliance demands on your business have never been higher. And yet new entrants continue to enter the market, ready to seize the opportunities created through technological and consumer-driven disruption.

In this turbulent environment your operating systems and processes are the difference between success and failure. They define your customer experience, your cost-to-serve and ultimately your revenue. How they are designed, implemented and evolved is one of the most critical factors in determining your success.

Hitting the right note requires a complex balance between efficiency and care; accuracy and speed; automation and human process management. But this is no simple task. From day one there are more than 100 processes your operations team will need to set-up, design and manage. These will need to work in symphony with your billing, CRM, sales and market communications technology platforms, as well as any 3rd party systems.

This guide provides a high level overview of the functions you will need, the demands you will face and the trends that will shape your business in the future, exploring:

  1. Designing your processes
  2. Building your team
  3. Leveraging your technology
  4. Critical trends in energy ops
  5. Navigating compliance

These insights are based on the experience of our on-shore Managed Services team. They provide a full front and back-office outsourcing service to energy retailers, helping clients to reduce cost-to-serve, overheads and complexity as they enter the market.

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