3 tips to get you ready for Power of Choice

Power of Choice (POC) is the largest change the electricity industry has seen in a while as it affects all jurisdictions in the National Electricity Market (NEM). POC includes the Competition in Metering, Embedded Networks, and B2B Framework Rule Changes.

Agility CIS have been working very hard to get our systems in good shape for Power of Choice go live on the 4th of December this year. There has been a mountain of documentation to go through, and some decisions are still not finalised requiring continuous improvement through 2018.

Here are a few points to consider for your business:

  1. B2B transactions are changing

Certain Business to Business (B2B) transactions will no longer be used (such as Additions and Alterations Service Orders), and there are some new transactions being introduced. Business to Market (B2M) also have alterations occurring to existing transactions. This is all in support of the new Competition in Metering rule, where distribution businesses will still be responsible for supply of electricity, but Metering Coordinators (MC) will be responsible for metering and meter data. An MC must be appointed and stored for every site.

  1. Embedded Networks

Do you manage Embedded Networks? There are changes here too, including the introduction of the Embedded Network Manager (ENM) role. The ENM will perform the same functions as distribution business within an embedded network. The changes being made will give customers in an embedded network more access to the competitive retail market where they can choose the electricity retailer.

  1. Self-Accreditation with AEMO

Have you completed Self Accreditation with AEMO?  This is a mandatory task to ensure your IT systems can produce and send transactions that can be accepted by other participants.

Have you considered conducting User Acceptance Testing, Industry Testing or Bilateral Testing?  All participants must take part in Production Verification Testing during the cutover weekend, and as such preparations must be made for this. A number of non-system tasks are required to make sure you are compliant – contracts need to be arranged with MCs, internal processes need to be updated and staff trained.

Power of Choice is a significant change for the electricity industry and all of its participants and vendors. The cutover weekend begins on the evening of Friday 1st December, and go live is Monday morning 4th December.

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