Agility Enters the Pacific

The unique nature of Tonga’s electricity market, and the special issues associated with serving a nation of multiple small islands, called for a highly configurable solution capable of running on off-the-shelf, standarised hardware and fitting with well established company procedures. Orion‘s flexible architecture lends itself well to easy configuration to match a company’s existing infrastructure and procedures.

Tonga Power was looking to upgrade its system to a state-of-the-art solution running on modern platforms, without having to rewrite its whole business around the billing solution. Using the Orion solution, it is now able to accurately record costs and revenue, allowing it to target the real causes of revenue leakage in confidence that its billing is accurate and reliable. Going forward, Agility will naturally be happy to support the extended process of identifying revenue leakage.

The installation went live at the end of November 2010, since when an average of 10,000 new invoices have been issued each month. Agility continues to monitor key system performance indicators.