Mobile apps and the ever-changing world of your customers

The world is changing. Nowadays everyone is connected through phone, desktop or tablet. This also changes the way that you do business with your customers in the utility sector. How are you going to make a difference?

There was a time that utility companies were monopolies and customers were called “ratepayers”. This has changed. Customers now choose their utility companies and have higher expectations than ever. According to a study by Accenture, more than half (58%) want their utility to provide them with recommendations and ideas for energy savings. And nearly all (92%) want to receive personalized digital notifications. Because why should your customer communicate differently with you compared to the other organisations they do business with?

The most important thing for engaging customers and increasing energy efficiency is to make it almost unconscious and certainly not a hassle or even an inconvenience to use a mobile app.

Mobile apps are a great way to communicate with your customers and improve your customer engagement.  Your customers are able to see their usage data that previously wasn’t available to them. They even have the option to understand their energy consumption. Which gives your customers the tools to better manage their energy budget and at the same time having a positive impact on the environment. Not to mention the fact that you benefit from better informed and more engaged customers and have a better competitive advantage.

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