PrePay, without the hassle

Delivering smoother operations, higher performance and improved cashflow for fast-growing US PrePay provider Pogo Energy.

A new type of PrePay

Pogo Energy is on a mission to change the face of PrePay for Texas households. They offer exceptional customer service, built on a promise of affordability, predictability, and self-service.

This includes hassle free account set-up in less than 60 seconds. No Contract. And access to daily updates via text, mobile app, or email. This removes any bill shock associated with monthly contract plans, and resulted in them gaining a 5-Star rating from the Texas Public Utility Commission in 2019.

Achieving better in a complex market

Their approach has won them interest and growth amongst a newer, younger consumer base. But delivering it requires powerful and dynamic customer billing solution.

It’s also complicated by the nature of PrePay in Texas, where inconsistencies in data availability across utilities mean it’s harder to deliver this type of service efficiently and effectively.

Which is why Pogo Energy came to Znalytics in 2019. They were using separate providers for EDI and customer billing, and not achieving the reliability and efficiencies they needed. Znalytics’ brief was to provide a single cloud-based platform that could deliver a competitive price with better performance and reliability.

“Working with Znalytics has allowed us to address substantial market gaps and improve the quality of the customer experience. It’s great to work with a partner that not only listens, but actively works with you to resolve market issues and distinguish yourself in the competitive Texas marketplace.”

Eric Milhizer, COO/CTO, Pogo Energy 

Pogo Energy App
Pogo Energy’s customer app

Exceptional service

Znalytics partnered with Pogo closely, mapping out how we could use our software solutions to drive the quality of customer service that Pogo and its customers expect and deliver better business outcomes.

At the heart of everything is Energy OS (EOS), Znalytics’ core billing engine. EOS has been integrated with Pogo’s CRM (Microsoft Dynamics), while also leveraging Znalytics’ powerful suite of development tools (including APIs, message bus/pub sub system, and a replicated database). This means it can process daily meter consumption data and deliver the transparent, real-time billing services that Pogo customers expect through their mobile app, the website or SMS text updates.

It’s also helping to power better business decisions. Real-time integrations are supporting better customer care and powering automated self-service options like Edison, a smart chatbot built by Pogo (utilizing Znalytics’ API). Edison can provide customers with instant access to balance information, answer questions about market terms like deferred payment plans or switchholds, and even provide customers with an instant payment barcode to recharge their account with cash at participating retail locations.

Edison - Pogo Energy
Pogo Energy’s chatbot Edison

EOS is integrated directly with Smart Meter Texas to process meter reads with ERCOT (the Regulator), and can provide estimates and true-ups when the market runs behind in delivering that critical usage data.

It also automatically processes switches and disconnects or reconnects based on the customer’s account status and information, updated in real-time by payment service providers. This has reduced resourcing requirements for Pogo, driving down cost to serve. And it’s powering the hassle free service consumers expect, whether they are joining Pogo, amending their plan, or making the decision to leave.

Migration perfection

Migrating customers seamlessly and without error is a specialty of Znalytics, achieved through extensive user acceptance testing. In this instance Pogo and Znalytics ran parallel billing for several weeks prior to migration to catch issues and ensure 100% accuracy.

Following this, Znalytics successfully migrated all accounts onto EOS on a Saturday afternoon and evening, without error. This meant that Pogo customers didn’t miss a single daily bill as part of the transition. This was done in close cooperation with all involved utilities and Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), to ensure a smooth transition and no hiccups for customers.

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