Advanced Data Management

ADM accelerates and normalizes your utility communication across the country’s diverse utility footprint.  

EDI, XML, flat files and all utility transaction data is managed by a single, highly automated system.

Thorough validation tools ensure accuracy and reduce the need for human touch by automatically cleaning and processing your data upon receipt. ADM then normalizes this data across markets while we correct any abnormalities. Once processed this feeds directly into EOS and other systems as needed.

Key features:

  • Automatically create, transmit, and receive required market data transactions to and from utility trading partners.
  • Normalized transaction data is accessible directly through the billing system, and all original inbound transaction files can be provided either automatically or as the need arises.
  • Specifically optimized for US energy markets.
  • ADM is available alongside EOS or as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with your other technology platforms.
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