Broker portal & pricing engine

Enhance the performance of your brokers with powerful pricing engine tools.

We know competing for the most valuable customers requires flexible and bespoke pricing, easy structuring, and curve management.

EOS enables all of this in a system that’s intuitive for your in-house or external brokers to use, and supports both retail and commercial operations.

Key features:

  • An intuitive workflow logic makes it easy for brokers to submit requests and work through these with prospects.
  • EOS can process those pricing requests and generate quotes automatically based on your rules, or engage workflow processes for your pricing and structuring team to generate these outside the system.
  • Brokers gain complete visibility over pricing requests they have entered, so they can track deal status and request repricing or an updated quote if needed.
  • Your pricing team can easily establish new pricing structures, manage pricing curves and manage all the Cost of Goods associated with those bespoke rates.
  • Once a deal is completed, the customer is automatically enrolled through EOS and welcomed to your portfolio.
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