Energy Operations System

Transform your operational efficiency with Energy Operations System (EOS), our complete Cloud-native platform. 

EOS empowers and enhances your entire customer life cycle – across acquisition, product offers, billing and customer care. Take advantage of its powerful functionality and intuitive design to deliver unrivalled efficiency and seamless experiences.

Path 230

Drive down your cost to serve: 

  • Optimize your customer management, with highly intuitive agent platforms, automation of repetitive tasks, and smart workflow management tools.
  • Low-touch configurations give you the power to implement new business processes rapidly and streamline your existing operations without the need for development support.
  • Centralize your technology operations with a single platform that can manage your entire customer life cycle.


Dynamic Market

Accelerate your operations:

EOS empowers you to act fast, make more intelligent decisions, and stand out against your competitors. With EOS you will gain the tools to:

  • set up new products in minutes, then offer and bill against them immediately;
  • manage any billing type, including utility consolidated, supplier consolidated, prepay, non-commodity, and promotional programs;
  • access all customer data in real-time from EOS, via API or from your geo-replicated reporting database.


Innovative Cloud Native Technology

Experience superior technology:

EOS is an endlessly flexible, highly scalable platform with guaranteed security.

  • Event publishers, native APIs and multiple entry points enable tight integrations with your existing technology suite.
  • We leverage advancements in IT security to keep your critical data and customer information safe, with 24/7 monitoring and constant optimization.
  • Configure and adapt EOS to meet your technology needs.

EOS provides an Innovation Space to develop seamless integrations with external providers such as Salesforce or Dynamics, and build custom solutions such as broker interfaces or pricing engines. We can manage these integrations and custom solution builds for you, or work alongside your technology partners and in-house teams.

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