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Streamline pricing & product management

Uconx provides a central point for managing all energy rates and offers. Pricing data can be configured quickly and distributed instantly to your website, billing engine, government portals and sales channels.

Pricing and offer data is also used to automatically populate price fact sheets, customer welcome packs and sales collateral which significantly reduces the time and complexity of price changes.

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Accelerate quoting

UCONX seamlessly calculates a range of considerations to cut your quoting time down to minutes. It also integrates your systems with pubic databases to validate site information and ensure quoting accuracy.

Quotes can also be self-generated by customers, via your website, 3rd party price comparison sites, or our customer sign-up portal product. Off-the-shelf integrations with credit check and data validation bureaus let you return credit scores in real-time to accelerate the sign-up process.

Once approved UCONX auto-generates branded PDF or HTML quotes for your leads, leading to significantly higher conversion rates.



Take control of your sales operations

UCONX provides the tools to streamline your processes, monitor and enhance agent performance, and make smarter data-driven decisions. You can set-up new campaigns rapidly, self-managing your sales processes, scripting, and reporting.

Smart task scheduling and workflow tools help you drive better sales performance. While live reporting dashboards give you a holistic view of quoting volumes, conversion rates and costs by agent, product and channel – including commission costs from 3rd party providers.

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Automate your onboarding

Seamlessly sign-up and onboard customers in just a few minutes. UCONX automates compliance procedures, reducing demands on your business while ensuring a more streamlined customer experience.

It also auto-generates all on-boarding documentation for new customers, eliminating burdensome tasks around contracts and welcome kits. These are skinned to your brand and easy to customise to match your latest campaign.



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Billing & Invoicing

The Orion billing engine optimises and automates your end-to-end utility billing process, from receipt of meter reads to generation of the customer invoice.

Customer management (CRM)

A powerful, intuitive CRM that delivers low-touch customer management to drive down your cost-to-serve.

Online self-service

Empower your customers with online-self-service. It provides full control over their energy account, consumption and billing.

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