Agility CEO Interviewed in New Zealand Herald

New Zealand is looking at a new wave of sales of state-owned assets, including a number of power companies. It’s a controversial topic. But as Mike Thorne points out in this interview: for some New Zealand companies, change brings opportunity to create new jobs and growth

Agility Enters the Pacific

The unique nature of Tonga’s electricity market, and the special issues associated with serving a nation of multiple small islands, called for a highly configurable solution capable of running on off-the-shelf, standarised hardware and fitting with well established company procedures.

Orion Powers Growth

Prime Energy serves electricity, gas and water billing services mostly to strata title holders in the Auckland area.

Agility Wins Technology Development Grant

The Ministry of Science & Innovation has included Agility CIS in its latest round of funding to receive a Technology Development Grant, covering a three-year period from July 2011.