Znalytics & Agility CIS have now merged

In June 2020 Agility CIS acquired Znalytics, a fast-growing US technology company with a cloud-native billing and CIS platform.

We have now merged our companies, combining our innovative SaaS solutions, deep industry experience and local market expertise to provide a complete retail energy solution. At the heart of our product suite is Energy Operating Systems (EOS), our core billing and Customer Information System.

This highly scalable, flexible platform enables retailers to achieve industry best cost-to-serve with modern, API-driven solutions that are autonomous, low-touch, and highly intuitive.

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Our enhanced offer

By operating as one company we have enhanced our offer for our clients. Key benefits include:

  • accelerated product development, with increased investment in our cloud-native products
  • significantly increased scale and global delivery capability
  • decades of combined industry experience and local market expertise

We are now one of the largest billing and CIS providers in the Texas market, offering both post-pay and pre-pay billing platforms for the state’s leading retailers. We operate in 90 utility territories, and have a fast-growing global client base.

Our products

Together we offer a complete platform for sales, product management, billing and customer care. Leverage its power and modern design to deliver superior customer experiences with unrivalled efficiency.

Transform your operational efficiency with Energy Operations System (EOS), our complete Cloud-native billing and CIS platform.


ADM accelerates and normalizes your utility communication across the country’s diverse utility footprint.

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Enhance the performance of your brokers with powerful pricing engine tools.

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Digitize and streamline your agent sales experiences with our in-system enrollment tools for face-to-face prospecting and telesales.

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Accelerate the customer sign-up process with our intuitive, optimized enrollment platform.

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Let your customers manage energy on the go with intuitive self-service account portals and apps.

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